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albana bertinoro vino sangioveseConsorzio Vini di Bertinoro
Born in 2010, the Consortium puts together Bertinoro’s wine producers in order to promote local wines in Italy and abroad. To allow people to get to know these wines, it organises events, tastings and seminars with professionals.
Today the Consortium has 6 members, that is to say 6 wineries that have vineyards and cellars in the Municipality of Bertinoro. More info

Bertinoro, City of Wine
Bertinoro. The very name evokes traditions, flavours and colours of this area. Legend has it that Galla Placidia, daughter of the Emperor Thoedosius, while passing through the region, having tried a wine served in a humble terracotta cup, declared: “you should be drunk in gold” (berti in oro, in Italian), from which the town took its name.
Wine is called ‘e be’ (the drink) and it is a pleasure enjoyed daily by inhabitants and visitors of this wondeful village called also “the balcony of Romagna”. Bertinoro belongs to the national association Cities of Wine and is famous for its hospitality.

Bertinoro is a land of ruby and gold…gold is the colour of its most typical wine Albana, but is also the colour of its vines in autumn. While ruby is the divine juice filling the glasses with hints of violet, that is to say, Sangiovese.

The Sangiovese of Bertinoro
The most famous of the local red wines is Sangiovese: the story goes that the Capuchin friars from Santarcangelo, around the year 1600, produced this wine and called it Sangiovese, from ‘Sanguis Jovis’ (the Blood of Jupiter) for its ruby red colour and its hints of violet and red fruit.
Bertinoro is renowned for the special features of its terroir: it is called “Spungone”, it is a calcareous soil rich in mineral and fossil elements conveying minerality, intense colour and good acidity to wines.

The new regulation for Romagna Sangiovese DOC acknowledges the special features of the Sangiovese from Bertinoro. In fact, from harvest 2011, our best Sangiovese Reserve will be Romagna Doc Sangiovese Riserva Bertinoro! It will be sold only after 3 years of refining, so it can be tasted only from 2014! Read more

Bertinoro Hills

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