Vintage Chart

Never before a Vintage Chart was created in Romagna, and this first one already meets the threads of another story, the one of terroir. There are two key elements for wine: time and place. Men are just translators, the interpreters of a relationship we have with nature fed by individuality, intuition, vision and dreams. We will be crossing Romagna telling the story of each vintage as it was interpreted by soils and unique conditions of the vineyards of Sangiovese. The protagonists of this classification are: clay and marl, poor and loose soils, sun-bathed vineyards and vineyards shadowed by wood, windy and rainy summers, ice cold weather, vines from the last century and all the ideas we have in our mind and sometimes we write on paper…
(Giorgio Melandri)

Working group: Filippo Apollinari, Francesco Bordini, Remigio Bordini, Franco Calini, Cristina Geminiani, Giovanna Madonia, Giorgio Melandri, Mauro Sirri, Giovanni Solaroli.
Summary and texts: Giorgio Melandri

Vintages of Sangiovese di Romagna received a star rating out of five, ranging from poor (*) to exceptional (*****).

Dowload the vintage chart 1990-2012 (last update: Febr 2016)