The Riserva Storica (Historical Archive) is a collection of bottles chosen with specific criteria (vintage, winery, bottle, terroir, style, ageing potential) with the aim of offering an opportunity of making comparisons as time passes. The Riserva Storica is an initiative that emphasizes the difference among local terroirs and preserves the history of the wines of Romagna. The idea was launched by Giorgio Melandri and the project has been carried out by the Consorzio Vini di Bertinoro and the Municipality of Bertinoro.

Given that identity and awarness require a collective memory, also in terms of bottles, and considering that Romagna did not have a collection of bottles defining its identity, the Riserva Storica is born to give the opportunity to think, share opinions, allow professionals and wine lovers to make acquaintance with this land and organize events to promote Romagna and its wines.

The Riserva Storica will gain more and more importance as time passes, but today can be useful to create a common identity and to understand the language of our land and its diverse terroirs. Every year wine producers are asked to contribute with some bottles, stored in a temperature-controlled room in Bertinoro while waiting to express their full potential.

The room was created for this purpose inside the builing of the former Ca’ de Be’ in Bertinoro, under the main square of the town, thanks to the Municipality of Bertinoro which designed it for the Riserva Storica. The first bottles were stored in November, 11th, 2011.