It is the newst born winery, the meeting point of tradition and innovation. A modern structure on three floors, where winemaking processes are guided by gravity. Here 300,000 bottles per year are produced, from a wide range of local varieties: Romagna DOC Pagadebit Bertinoro, Romagna DOCG Albana, Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore and Riserva and also some blends are gaining wider acclaim.

Owner: Gabriele Isoldi


Celli Winery was founded in 1965 and is an example of generational continuity in the Bertinoro’s vine-growing tradition. Since then the accurate selection of grapes coming from small farms in the best areas of the town of Bertinoro, has given interesting results in terms of quality. In 1985 the renovation of the vinification systems began, together with a new company philosophy: a constant search for quality and for the wine-typicalness. In 1995, the company developed the agricultural sector by acquiring and planting new vineyards. Currently they carefully select grapes from 30.40 hectares of vineyard.

Owners: Mauro Sirri and Emanuele Casadei


Fattoria Paradiso, 70 ha vineyards and 5ha olive trees, is a historic winery and farm house, owned by Pezzi’s since 1853. The estate, run with passion and far-sightedness, was the first in producing Reserve version of Sangiovese di Romagna, “Vigna delle Lepri”. Here were also discovered old authocthonous grape varieties like Pagadebit and the unique Barbarossa, exclusivity of Fattoria Paradiso and its flagship. Albana dry, sweet and passito is produced as well, and also blends like “Mito” (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah) and “Strabismo di Venere”, a white wine with intense bouquet. Annual production: 300,000 bottles, with labels and packaging cared of by famous artists like the Nobel prize Dario Fo.

Owner: Graziella Pezzi


The estate of Giovanna Madonia lies on 12 hectares on the hill of Montemaggio, in Bertinoro, between 200-300m a.s.l.. Here vineyards, surrounded by olive trees, wild bushes and wood, have found a special soil for giving excellent grapes. Lively and friendly, Giovanna can be distinguished not only for the high quality of her wines, awarded also 3 Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso, but also for her labels, drawn by a famous Italian cartoonist, Altan, and telling consumers a nice story. She produces red wines, mainly Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore and Riserva, but also Merlot and white Romagna DOCG Albana dry and passito. Annual production: 60,000 bottles.

Owner: Giovanna Madonia


Recently Romagna’s wines reputation and visibility has been growing thanks to huge improvements in wine quality. Tenuta La Viola is one of the most representing wineries as for Sangiovese. Stefano Gabellini, who runs the estate, believes that big wines can be obtained only after years of hard work and patient waiting. Years are needed for quality and charachter of wines to develop aided by the expertise and history of those who are producing them. Romagna DOC Sangiovese Riserva “P.Honorii” and Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore “Colombarone” are the most important wines, but the younger Sangiovese “Oddone” can be distinghished for its freshness.

Owners: Stefano Gabellini and Lidia Serra


The estate belongs to Prugnoli’s family since 1890 and since then, generation after generation the art of wine making has been handed down. Nowadays Federica is in charge of the winery with the same passion she learnt, with the addition of her studies in oenology and her expertise developed in a laboratory for vine-growing research in France. She has now implemented modern technologies in wine making and wine maturation in her cellar. Tenuta Villa Trentola produces 40,000 bottles per year and makes only red wines: Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore, Riserva and Merlot.

Owner: Federica Prugnoli